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July 2017

For many Executive Directors, the Director’s Report is the most dreaded of their duties. In this Effective Banquet Strategy, we’ll look at a common mistake, how to communicate exactly what your banquet audience needs to hear, and see what needs to be done to maximize the persuasive impact of your report. When you’re done, click here for more practical preparation training.

June 2017

Client testimonies are objective embodiments of the work of your center. That is why a great client testimony is so important, and why a bad client testimony can undermine your banquet program. In this Effective Banquet Strategy we will look at the factors that go into a great client testimony, learn how to prepare the testimony properly, and examine a few strategic considerations so that your client testimony will accurately reflect the work of your center or clinic.

May 2017

MCs can make your banquet a well-oiled machine or they can make it slow to a crawl. This Effective Banquet Strategy will help you to spot problem MCs, set clear guidelines even if you have selected a good one, and help you to determine whether or not you even need an MC in order to have a successful banquet. So saddle up, and let’s learn how to harness the MC.

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