The “debunkers” are out in droves claiming the video about Planned Parenthood trafficking in fetal body parts is a misleading, highly-edited propaganda piece, arguing we should yawn and move along. After all, they say, they aren’t “selling” body parts because $30-$100 is chump change for a body part these days (see the Salon article).

They completely miss the point. This isn’t about how much money Planned Parenthood makes for selling these body parts — it’s that they have body parts to sell!

Planned Parenthood has told people for decades that what is in the woman’s body during pregnancy is an “undifferentiated cell mass,” yet they are opposed to showing the prospective client an ultrasound of their unborn child. These same monsters (sorry, no other word) now claim to be using that same technology to guide the abortion to make sure they “crush” (her word) the baby in the right places so as best to preserve the needed heart, lung, liver, lower extremity, etc. that they are trying to harvest.

What is distressing is that it takes a body part scandal to wake people up to the evil of abortion. The doctor cavalierly speaks of crushing the fetal body. Abortions eviscerate unborn children, tearing them limb from limb. There would be no fetal body part stories if we did not legally sanction and support with our tax dollars an industry that both kills the unborn and then makes themselves feel better about it by selling the body parts of their victims to research companies.

Planned Parenthood can bring out the support squad all they like to pepper the Internet with “let’s just move along” stories, but this one will not die. Planned Parenthood harvests organs from the unborn children they kill, and then they sell those organs to companies. It is really that simple.

On a side note, I find it mind-boggling that the author of the Salon piece would accuse the makers of the sting video of “destroying people’s lives.” The abortion industry doesn’t metaphorically destroy people’s lives, it literally destroys about 3,000 lives every single day.

Click here to see the Salon article.