Resources and Evidence
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Plan Your Children for Health and Happiness: Click on the title to get this photocopy of the brochure. Printed by Planned Parenthood in the early 60’s, it contains one of the most devastating admissions ever made by Planned Parenthood: that “abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun.” See the links below for a photocopy of an original document actually in my possession.

Plan Your Children for Health and Happiness (Original): Unlike the photocopy above, now I actually have an original of the brochure in my possession which I acquired off of in September of 2013. Other than rusty staples holding it together, the brochure is in pristine shape. At the time, it was the only copy of this brochure available for sale anywhere. I do not know how many originals are still in existence. There is no copyright date, but because the brochure was printed without a ZIP code, I can assume that it was printed before 1944. Here is a gallery of the images that comprise the entire brochure: To save the images for printing, RIGHT click on the image and choose “Save Image As.” Do this for each image.

The Gift of Life (Original): Published in 1951 and distributed by Planned Parenthood, this is the sex education flip-book that proves that Planned Parenthood has always known when human life begins: at conception. Here is a gallery of the relevant images from the booklet (if you’d like all the pages, please contact me). To save the images for printing, RIGHT click on the image and choose “Save Image As.” Do this for each image.

California Medicine Article: This editorial published in 1974 explores the abortion-advocacy strategy that has led us to where we are today. The open way in which the authors discuss the need to lie to the American public, and how being at the forefront of abortion will enable physicians to position themselves later at the forefront of euthanasia is as prophetic as it is chilling. I read an excerpt at the conference, but you can read the entire essay.

Pro-Life Reading List: This is a list of five key books that will be useful to any pro-life advocate, but the first two books are particularly useful for center and clinic staff. I know some centers and clinics which require all volunteers to read both books as part of their initial training.

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Effective Banquet Strategies

Do you want to raise more financial, volunteer, and prayer support? In the Effective Banquet Strategies video series, Dr. Newman helps you to avoid banquet-killing mistakes and maximize the persuasive power of your single, biggest fundraising event. Click the link below to have a look at the latest videos.

Have Dr. Newman Keynote Your Banquet

With over 20 years of banquet keynoting experience, Dr. Newman is focused on delivering results from your fundraiser. He gets to know your individual center or clinic and, with humor and power, challenges your guests to join with you to stand in the gap for the unborn. Find out more by clicking the link below.

The Pro-Life Speaker Seminar

How would your ministry change if you had more financial or volunteer support? This DVD- and online-based training program will equip you with the speaking skills and confidence you need to better represent your ministry, build a speaking team, and get your foot in the door at churches, schools and civic groups.

Applied Bioethics at OKWU

Join with PRC directors and staffers all over the country in continuing to professionalize your skills set. Attend the first university-affiliated pro-life certification program in the nation. Learn pro-life apologetics and theology. Become a confident, competent advocate. And sharpen your 501c3 skillset. Click to see the program..

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