I was disheartened this afternoon to hear Sean Hannity and Carly Fiorina both argue in favor of rape and incest exceptions for abortion. While I understand that it may be politically expedient to vote for legislation with a rape or incest exception — thereby saving the lives of approximately 98% of unborn children who might otherwise be killed — that still does not justify, philosophically, theologically, or morally the destruction of children simply because of the horrific circumstances of their conception. The child has done nothing wrong.

Someone needs to educate Hannity on the moral and ethical arguments on the abortion issue. Either the unborn is human, worthy of protection, or it is not, in which case people should be allowed to do with it what they will. But no amount of empathy for the victim of a rape or an incestuous relationship is sufficient to justify the killing of another, distinct human being. Justify legislation on political expediency if you will, but never try to justify the position morally or on the basis of empathy. The act of rape or incest is horrifying, and the perpetrators of such crimes should face swift and terrible justice. But we should not take the lives of innocent human beings just because their father is a criminal.